Apple releases password security improvement resources

Apple has released a set of free resources that will help you improve your password security by enabling you to create stronger passwords.

Geared towards developers of password managers and other apps, these resources are accessible at no additional charge.

Collectively referred to as Password Manager Resources, they are available for download at GitHub.

According to Apple, many password managers are not always custom-tailoring the results to the website they are being generated for, and therefore compatibility issues are created.

Apple believes that the issue is not specific to iOS or macOS as it affects all operating systems.

If a user encounters an error during the password generation process, they will often craft one manually.

The problem with this is that the resulting password may not meet the universal security standards.

This would not be the case if it was generated by a password manager app.

Apple’s password security improvement resources include lists of password selection rules that apply to numerous popular websites.

The company is confident that by using its list of rules, password generation apps will be able to generate passwords that meet the following criteria:

  • Uniqueness
  • Strength
  • Specific website compatibility

Apple aims to minimise the instances where users are being forced to create their own passwords due to incompatibility issues sometimes encountered with password generation apps.

The company has also published a list that will help you identify which websites share log-in credentials with each other.

Included is a list of website URLs that users are expected to be redirected to when in the process of changing their passwords.

This will help password managers guide their users to the right place if they need to make any changes to their passwords.

To enable easier rule integration, Apple has decided to make Password Manager Resources open source.