Apple backs up your call history to the iCloud

icloud and iphone 5Apple’s customers are presented with a lot of options when it comes to backing up their data to the iCloud, but some may not be aware that Apple sends the call log history to the iCloud as well.

Yesterday, ElcomSoft, a digital forensics company based in Moscow, reported a shocking discovery: if you are using iOS 8 or more, your iPhone call logs are being automatically uploaded to iCloud, which could be a legitimate data security concern for many.

Worse yet, the users do not really have a way of disabling this feature, even though they may be aware of the problem. According to the company, the logs contain information about incoming, outgoing, rejected, and missed calls.

Apple stated that the only way to disable the syncing feature is to turn off iCloud completely. However, this is not an ideal solution, because doing this would greatly affect your device’s usability.

Vladimir Katalov, CEO of ElcomSoft, commented that Apple is deciding to move an increasing amount of data to the cloud, where law enforcement are able to easily obtain it.

Oleg Afonin, one of ElcomSoft’s employees, believes that iCloud is very loosely protected. Any third party, including Apple itself, can easily extract information from there given the proper credentials.

Yesterday, Afonin said that a lot of iPhone users are reporting problems with syncing. For example, some of them have received missed call notifications for a spouse’s phone using the same Apple ID.