Another dark web market bites the dust

Say goodbye to the Wall Street Market! Another piece of dark web economy was taken down by various law enforcement agencies from Germany, US, Romania and the Netherlands.

The marketplace was known to be selling the following illegal goods:

– Weapons
– Drugs
– Tools for hacking and cyber security breaches
– Stolen user credentials

As if this weren’t enough, the owners recently ran away with more than $14 million worth of cryptocurrency. Med3l1n, one of the website’s moderators, was threatening certain users who revealed some of their personal details with full disclosure to the authorities… unless, of course, they paid a fee of 0.05 BTC,  approximately $280 USD at the time of writing.

It’s unknown whether such efforts were successful, but the same moderator also posted the IP address and login credentials on Dread, a community similar to Reddit for dark web users, which effectively lead to the dark web market being taken down. Due to the moderator’s actions, anyone was able to log in to the admin panel and gather personal information about users, among other things.

About six days after the leak, the website started displaying an error. Now, it shows a seizure notice.

Interestingly enough, the Dream Market, which is another notable dark web marketplace, has made an announcement on the same day that they will be shutting down. However, despite the announcement, the website is still up and running as normal and a takedown notice is nowhere in sight.