An IoT network for checking rented car statuses

SK Telecom, a telecommunications provider from South Korea, has joined forces with SK Networks, a car rental service provider. Together, they will be using an LTE Cat M1 IoT network to check the status of rented cars from a distance.

The above-mentioned technology allows for checking car statuses in real-time. The IoT network was commercialised in April. One of its biggest strengths is the fact that it requires very little power to remain operational. Its data transfer rate is 300 Kbps.

According to SK Networks, the network will come in handy since it allows for checking malfunction codes of the cars in real-time. Also, it makes it possible to view the usage specifics and engine status with ease.

In the future, the two co-operating partners plan to develop a service designed to measure the driving habits of their customers. Through the service, they will be able to detect drivers with certain desirable traits and offer them discounts.

The companies said that the driving habit measuring service will be introduced and integrated with the car monitoring and management solution at a later date.

The South Korean telecommunications company has been known to use the IoT network for other purposes as well. In August, for example, they launched a children and pet tracker that relies on the LTE Cat M1 network. In July, the company launched a home-to-car AI service together with Hyundai Motor.

In their partnership with BMW, they are also planning to release a connected car service that runs on 5G. It is scheduled to be released in the following year.