An autonomous logging truck to reduce workplace accidents?

Einride, a Swedish startup company, has unveiled an electric driverless truck prototype designed to reduce workplace accidents in the logging industry.

The impact of digital transformation is showing on a wide range of businesses, and the logging industry is no exception. Did you know that the industry in question has the highest fatality rate of any industry in the US? Automation, along with the new innovative truck, could do a whole lot to remedy the situation.

The new logging truck prototype looks like a hybrid between a Stormtrooper and a big rig. It runs on electric power and has the capacity of driving for 120 miles before having to be recharged. Fully loaded, it can reach a driving speed of 50 mph.

Robert Falck, CEO of Einride, revealed that there is a huge market demand for battery-powered autonomous vehicles. Even though the prototype has no driver’s cabin, it can be remotely controlled from a distance, even hundreds of miles away. The lack of a driver’s cabin has helped to keep the overall size of the vehicle in check, which happens to have a huge effect on its load-bearing capacities.

The trucks are powered by NVIDIA’s DRIVE self-driving platform, allowing for autonomous driving or the option of remote control whenever necessary.

According to Falck, the autonomous logging truck enables optimised energy consumption, lower production costs, greater flexibility, increased loading capacity, and lower operating costs. It runs solely on batteries and its functionality remains at its best even in difficult environments.