Amazon’s first cashierless grocery store is now live

Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ cashierless technology has been put into action in the retail giant’s first grocery store.

Prior to this, the technology was tested in 25 Amazon Go convenience stores in a number of American cities.

Apart from cutting-edge cashierless technology, the new grocery store is just like any other, allowing you to stock up on fresh produce, meat, wine and spirits, etc.

Totalling 10,400 square feet (966 square metres), it is the largest store powered by Just Walk Out technology to date.

Upon entering the store, the shopper must scan in their items using the Amazon Go app.

When picking up the items, however, no manual scanning is needed, as this part is automatically taken care of by the cameras and sensors that track the items removed from the shelves.

As the shopper leaves the store, Amazon charges the credit card that they have on file.

The end result of the new technology is no lines and no waiting.

That being said, the store does employ some staff – they are tasked with other aspects of running the business, such as customer service and restocking the shelves.

There are some challenges left to be solved though.

What if the customer picks up an item to examine it up close and then puts it back down again?

What if the customer carries the product to another aisle altogether?

In a conventional grocery store, this would not pose a problem.

However, if the product is returned to an incorrect spot on the shelf, this may confuse the sensors, rendering them incapable of determining what the product was.

At the present time, it is unclear how far the new technology can be scaled and how many cashierless stores will be opened in the future.