Amazon is developing a smart doorbell for direct deliveries

The digital transformation process around the world simply knows no boundaries. Recently, Amazon has announced they’re developing a smart doorbell that would give delivery drivers temporary access to your car or home in order to deliver a package.

This would effectively spell out the end for opportunistic doorstep theft. Due to this issue, Amazon currently must contend with compensation and replacement claims.

Reportedly, Amazon is discussing a partnership with Phrame, a smart license plate maker. Their planned technology would hide the car keys under the plate. The car owners would then receive messages whenever something happens with the car, being an authorised or unauthorised access, and the software would even have the capacity to detect the possibility of broken windows. That way, the delivery personnel would be able to drop off the package in the car trunk, which is a lot better than leaving it on the doorstep.

Similarly, the smart doorbells would allow them to drop off the package inside your home. Even though there are already smart doorbells on the market, one example being Ring and Skybell which can incorporate sensors and video footage, Amazon’s implementation of letting specific persons inside takes the concept one step further.

It is still not known how the userbase would accept such a solution, but for those who have a porchway or a waterproof shed, for example, the idea could have some potential. This is especially true for frequent buyers who are often away during the day.