Almost half of CIOs will deploy artificial intelligence solutions

A new report from Gartner unveils that 46 per cent of CIOs are planning to deploy some kind of artificial intelligence solutions in the near future.

Artificial intelligence is a term that’s tightly connected to digital transformation; even though it’s not a common element of enterprises around the globe as of right now, it looks like this is going to change soon.

The report also says that 4 per cent of CIOs have already implemented this technology in one way or another. Moreover, 20 per cent of CIOs have pilot AI programs in the pipeline.

In general, the adoption of artificial intelligence takes a long time, and understandably so. The replacement of legacy systems is not only a potential risk, but the investment must also be beneficial in terms of supporting the future services of that company.

In any case, AI has numerous benefits, some of which include efficient data analytics and being able to discern data from ambiguous sources like IoT devices and social media. This innovative technology can also identify patterns and improve industry processes.

Well-known companies like Microsoft and Google have already begun exploring what artificial intelligence can offer.

Early adopters need to keep in mind that implementing this innovative technology might not yield immediate financial results. Furthermore, Gartner believes that up to 85 per cent of AI-driven projects are bound to fail due to poor team management, unsuitable algorithms, or data bias.

Organisations may also need to re-think the role of AI: more often than not, it’s a better idea to use the technology to augment staff, not replace them.