All South Korean city buses to offer free Wi-Fi soon

By December, all 23,000 South Korean city buses will offer free Wi-Fi.

This digital transformation move was revealed by the country’s IT ministry. The implementation of the project starts today, and the fortunate city of Gwangju is the first one to be able to dip its toes into it. Since FINA World Championships will be taking place in it in July, this comes as no surprise.

When the digital transformation project is complete, 86% of city buses will be equipped with the technology necessary to provide free Wi-Fi to their passengers. The end goal is to reduce the burden of household telecommunications bills and make internet more readily available to all citizens.

As for the remaining 14% of city buses, which totals around 5,000, the government plans to include them in their plans as well, but it won’t be until the following year, with the exact timeframe being an unknown variable at the moment.

Originally, the project started in May, with 4,200 out of 23,000 buses being experimentally equipped with the Wi-Fi technology. To know which buses carry it, be on the lookout for the announcement stickers. PublicWiFi@Bus_Free is the name of the network.

Generally speaking, South Korea can easily be classified as one of the most connected countries in the entire world, and the addition of free Wi-Fi network to city buses is another praiseworthy step in this regard. The country’s subways and landmarks are also equipped with it. In addition, South Korea activated its 5G network in April, thus becoming the world’s first country to support it.