Alibaba merchants turn to AI to produce content

Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce operator, is upping its digital transformation game on its own. According to company officials, they are using an AI-powered copywriting tool which is capable of producing 20,000 lines of copy a second and has reportedly been used by millions.

The tool is helping merchants produce product descriptions without the help of humans. Supposedly, the tool works by analysing millions of existing samples on platforms run by Alibaba. It can produce new content with the help of innovative technologies such as deep learning and natural language processing.

Christina Lu from Alimama, the vendor’s digital marketing unit, unveiled it cannot be as creative as a human mind, but it allows people to focus their energy on work that’s creative. Its value lies in being able to replace repetitive, low-value work that involves copywriting.

The Chinese vendor claims that the AI tool was able to pass the Turing test, which is done by being able to imitate a human so well that another human cannot tell the difference.

Alibaba is making the tool available to brands and advertisers. To use it, simply select “Produce Smart Copy” on any product page you’d like, and it also gives you the option to look at several copy examples to make your choice from.

Widely-known brands such as Esprit and Dickies have been using the new copywriting feature for a while. The final result can be customised in terms of writing tone, and according to the vendor, you can select from the following options:

– Poetic

– Fun

– Heart-warming

– Promotional

– Functional