Akamai reveals top 3 cybersecurity trends for 2019

According to Akamai, this is what’s going to happen in the world of cybersecurity this year:

  1. Credential stuffing

For the sake of convenience and not having to remember as many passwords, many people re-use the same login credentials across multiple websites. Cybercriminals will be inclined to take advantage of this by purchasing large databases of these after a breach and automatically trying to insert them into various different websites to obtain unauthorised access to user accounts.

  1. Cryptocurrency extortion

In 2018, cryptocurrency extortion was on the rise. Adware-based cryptojacking software was quite a common sight as well. In 2019, however, the bad guys will probably move away from trying to install long-term cryptominers on compromised systems, and progress to gig-based attack economy.

  1. Gig adversary

Speaking of gig economy, that has been the prevalent trend in the world of cybercriminal during the last couple of years. Basically, it’s an underground community of hackers who are exchanging services.

In the past, individual actors used to work on building their own botnets and compromising online accounts. Nowadays, botnet building is becoming more of a group activity. For example, one group would build a botnet to probe which accounts can be hijacked with stolen credentials, but they would not act upon that knowledge themselves. Instead, they would sell it to another group who would proceed to do fraudulent activities with said accounts.

In other words, cyber attacks are becoming increasingly purchasable in nature. As the gig economy grows, we should expect to see increasing monetisation and specialisation of cyber attacks.