AI service launched by Alibaba

The cloud computing unit of Alibaba, Aliyun, has announced that it is launching an artificial intelligence (AI) service in China, which it claims is the first of its kind.

The new DT PAI platform is a combination of algorithms used by Alibaba and deep and machine learning techniques. It is presented in the form of an easy to use drag-and-drop interface and Aliyun says the platform can be used to predict the behaviour of the user without the need to write new code. The technology behind the AI system is Aliyun’s open data processing service platform.

Most of Alibaba’s revenue derives from its e-commerce division; however, the company has invested a great deal in cloud computing. Alibaba announced in July that a further $1bn (£640,000) has been invested in the Aliyun unit with the aim of launching its cloud computing services on a global scale.

Even though the economic future in China is currently a little unstable, cloud computing has the potential to be a big earner. Alibaba said that revenue from cloud computing and internet services jumped by 106% during the second quarter, taking it to $78m.

Aliyun is already facing competition from the likes of Amazon, with Amazon also launching an artificial intelligence service this year; however, Alibaba is hoping to focus on emerging markets and helping Chinese organisations to expand into other markets, such as the US.