AI is the future of cybersecurity, researchers say

Last week, Capgemini Research Institute released the Capgemini’s Reinventing Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence Report. Let’s look at the core findings.

As part of the research, the researchers surveyed 850 senior executives from the following industries:

– Automotive

– Utilities

– Telecom

– Banking

– Retail

– Insurance

– Consumer products

Among other things, they concluded that:

– 61% of enterprises are unable to detect cybersecurity breaches without the aid of AI.

– In the Fiscal Year of 2020, 48% estimate their AI in cybersecurity budgets will increase by 29% on average.

– Breach attempts are ever more frequent.

– 69% of respondents believe that AI will be a crucial component of responding to cyberattacks.

– 73% of enterprises are already testing AI technology for cybersecurity purposes.

– 51% of executives are heavily relying on AI for threat detection.

– 64% estimate that, thanks to AI, the costs of detecting and responding to breaches will be lowered. Moreover, the time needed to form a response to them will be reduced by up to 12%.

– AI can benefit us by improving intrusion detection, fraud detection and malware detection.

– 56% of senior executives complain about their cybersecurity analysts being overwhelmed. Apparently, almost a quarter of them are not successful at investigating all the identified incidents.

In conclusion, both machine learning and AI are essential components of redefining the boundaries of cybersecurity as we know it. For those who are interested, the complete report is available at Capgemini Research Institute’s official website.