Adobe to integrate voice technology to improve user experience

Voice interfaces are becoming a digital transformation trend of the modern times. Since as many as 94% of Adobe’s users see it as a substantial time-saver, an Adobe XD integration with Amazon Alexa will soon become a reality.

With that being said, certain users would still refrain from using voice technology for certain complex tasks such as online banking. A total of 51% said that they wouldn’t use it for travel-related purposes, which is another important consideration to make.

Among the other interesting statistics generated by Adobe’s survey, we have the following:

– Consumers are undecided whether human-like attributes are a good fit for voice technology. For example, sympathy and humour might or might not be a suitable inclusion.

– 47% of respondents still feel that talking to a machine is somewhat awkward.

– The vast majority of respondents (85%) feel that smartphones are the go-to device for voice technology. While 39% of them say they use smart speakers for the purpose.

– 44% would refrain from using this technology to do any kind of shopping and 42% would not order food with it.

– Voice technology, when it works across multiple devices and operating systems, receives a high level of user satisfaction of more than 80%.

– When asked about voice technology’s accuracy, the respondents feel it’s around 69% on average.

– If the technology cannot comprehend the commands or formulate a response, this results in frustration with 78% of respondents feeling this way.

– Finally, 81% of respondents have privacy-related concerns with voice technology, while 71% find the user experience challenging.