A robot that learns by observing? Nvidia says yes!

Nvidia researchers have created a deep learning system that is able to teach a robot just by observing a human’s behaviour.

This digital transformation breakthrough will facilitate communication between robots and humans, and deep learning and artificial intelligence technology is what we owe our thanks to for making this a possibility.

Nvidia will unveil more about this at a forthcoming conference in Brisbane, Australia.

Explaining their achievements in technical terms, the researchers trained neural networks powered by Nvidia’s Titan X GPU’s. These neural networks are able to function by incorporating the elements of program generation, incorporated perception and ultimate execution. In other words, all it takes for these robots to learn a new skill is to observe a real-life demonstration made by a human person right in front of them.

In recent times, Nvidia has been exploring the fields of crypto waves, gaming, AI and machine learning, and this is just their latest breakthrough in digital transformation.

Their recently created robot is special in the sense that it can see a task being performed through a camera, then, by using AI and deep learning, it is able to assign positions and relationships of objects in a given scene. After that, the neural network inside the robot proceeds to form a plan on how to recreate what the robot has observed.

According to Nvidia, this is the first time that synthetic data was combined with an image-centric approach with a robot.