A new NB-IoT development board launched by Dialog and Ideamart

Developers and content providers will be able to enjoy a new NB-IoT development board that’s designed to facilitate innovation.

In essence, NB-IoT is a low power wide area technology that enables the deployment of a wide selection of IoT products. It makes it possible to optimise their power consumption, system capacity, and spectrum efficiency. The new development board is open source, and allows developers to build various types of IoT devices, including:

– Weather sensors

– Air quality sensors

– Smart water flow meters

– Water quality sensors

From a technical standpoint, the new NB-IoT development board has the following features:

– GPS communication module

– SIM card slot

– NB-IoT antennae

It is possible to program the device by using nothing other than a laptop USB port. Furthermore, the development is rather hassle-free, since a separate communication module is not required. If you’re interested in starting to develop projects for it, it’s good to know that the board comes with a kit that contains additional accessories to help you get started.

Anthony Rodrigo from Dialog Axiata commented that the new board provides accessible tools and resources for budget-friendly innovation, thus facilitating new and inventive products for the benefit of communities and developers.

Kalinga Athulathmudali, one of the users of the new board, was impressed with it, praising its open-source nature in particular.

If you’d like to see what the board is all about, head on over to the project’s official GitHub page. You can also purchase the development kit by visiting Ideamart’s official website.