Up to 95% of employers have employees trying to breach network security

Dtex Systems, a data security company, has released a new report, indicating that as many as 95% of all employers have workers who are trying to override network security. This type of activity is a precursor to data theft and other malicious types of activities in the workplace.

The report also warns employers about employees who are using VPNs. According to the statistics presented within, the use of anonymous VPNs has doubled from 2015 to 2016.

The report goes on to reveal that the reason behind these internal data security breaches often lies in data theft attempts and trying to cover up something the employees normally shouldn’t be doing at work, such as visiting adult websites to name one example.

Furthermore, organisations should be on their guard against newly-hired employees and those who are about to stop working there. These two groups of people are especially risky, since they often have a tendency to bypass security systems, stealing confidential information and trade secrets.

Another phenomenon we should mention is that according to a study from Willis Towers Watson, 90% of data security risks are caused by human error.

Finally, the report concludes with a couple of practical tips that should help organisations protect themselves against similar types of breaches, including:

  1. Pay attention to employees who violate policies
  2. Educate the staff
  3. Make background checks on new hires
  4. Increase visibility over on-network and off-network times