9 IoT predictions for 2019 according to AT&T

IoT technology has shaped the world as we know it, and 2019 has only just begun. There is a bright future ahead of us, and here is a brief summary of what Chris Penrose from AT&T has to say about it:

  1. The first self-driving vehicles won’t be cars

Farm equipment and industrial machinery will likely come first.

  1. Gamification will pave the way to citizen engagement

Smart cities will reward citizens for paying bills on time, taking public transport, and recycling.

  1. Connected experiences will be the name of the game

Think entertainment districts, stadiums, transportation systems…

  1. Video-as-a-sensor will enhance data insights

Things like a 3D view of business assets will allow for top-class surveillance.

  1. Public safety, manufacturing, and healthcare will benefit from 5G

Smart factories will redefine the manufacturing process; also, healthcare IoT products will protect our lives like never before.

  1. IoT will play a key role in lowering carbon emissions and reducing water consumption

If we reduce emissions across transportation, manufacturing, energy, and logistics industries, the environment will thank us.

  1. Low power wide area networks will foster mass IoT device deployment

Increased battery life and smaller devices will lead to competitive pricing.

  1. Data sharing economy will grow

Sharing cars and houses is one thing, but advanced analytics and data sharing in a secure manner will open the doors to maximising the value of IoT.

  1. AI and IoT will go hand in hand

We can look forward to virtual replicas of devices and processes, which will allow us to gain valuable insights without being physically near them.