8 golden principles to keep enterprise AI humane

In a digital transformation rush, enterprises all around the world are trying to automate every single thing they can by utilizing AI, robotic process automation and machine learning. This not only does away with trivialities but also introduces new job openings for programmers and the like. However, if we’re not smart and humane about introducing this technology, long-term sustainability simply won’t be there.

These are the 8 golden rules to keep in mind:

1. Run in parallel
It’s important to build a foundation first and start small.

2. Think the way startups do
Startups are all about testing a new idea and experimentation.

3. The aim is to protect people and not jobs
Ironically, automation still requires humans overseeing the process.

4. Setting up a center of excellence is essential
Reskilling your workforce gets easier with the help of a knowledge center.

5. Follow the KISS principle
In other words, keep it simple and be a creator of success stories.

6. Diversify your talent pool
Your employees should have a growth mindset and be resilient.

7. Transparency should be at the forefront
Respect the regulations and be transparent regarding the way you use AI (this should be done in an ethical manner). Periodically report it by sticking to a clear language.

8. Automation calls for a collaborative approach
You should be asking yourself the following questions:

– Is your AI auditable?

– Are you monitoring that everything is going according to the plan?

– Is everything secure and is the data protected?

Simply put, a collaborative approach is key.