Qubic Group Interviewed by BBC Apprentice star Richard Woods

Qubic groups Head of Marketing David Watson was recently interviewed by the BBC’s Apprentice finalist and co-founder of Yomp Marketing Richard Woods.

The two met in Central London over a coffee to discuss Qubic Group and their impact in the IT Cloud Service sector and how Qubic gives a more personal service to their clients.

The interview is the second in the series in which we saw Richard interview Qubic’s Director of Digital Transformation Matthew Lambert in the first interview.

In the interview with Matthew, they went into detail about who Qubic Group really are and what they do and break down the ‘buzzwords’ associated with the Cloud industry. We also find out about how workplace mobility is changing the working landscape and how Qubic helps its clients stay ‘mobile’ whilst on the road.

Watch the interview with David below to find out more about Qubic and its plethora of
Cloud Services.

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