5G available in 55 European regions, Vodafone announces


Vodafone UK has announced their 5G services are now available in 55 European regions, thus offering greater coverage than any other network. Apart from the UK, those staying in Germany, Spain, and Italy can now enjoy the operator’s modern high-speed 5G infrastructure.

Specifically, the following towns of Spain now have it5G coverage:

– San Sebastián

– Zaragoza

– La Coruña

– Seville

– Bilbao

– Vitoria

– Pamplona

– Barcelona

– Logroño

– Valencia

– Gijón

– Vigo

– Madrid

– Malaga

– Santander

Italy-bound? Then here’s where 5G is covered:

– Naples

– Rome

– Turin

– Bologna

– Milan

As for Germany, no list seems to be publicly available yet. However, the following locations will be getting receiving 5G coverage in August:

– Berlin

– Dortmund

– Cologne

– Frankfurt

– Hamburg

– Munich

– Dusseldorf

Nick Jeffery, CEO at Vodafone UK, announced that they’re accelerating the deployment of 5G roaming. This is just in time for the school holidays. Now that 5G is available pretty much across every corner of the region, (and more so than any other network), Vodafone users can enjoy communicating with their friends and loved ones when traveling abroad with no boundaries.

As an added bonus, Vodafone’s 5G is accessible at no extra cost, even while roaming. To access Vodafone’s 5G network, you’ll need a 5G phone, but as luck would have it, Vodafone already offers some, with more becoming available soon. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G and the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G offer a taste of what is to come and you can get these today.