5 steps towards improving data security and preventing risk

Back in the day, hackers typically targeted big companies, but as hacking tutorials are becoming so easily available, any 13-year-old can easily learn how to hack, which means that even SMEs are now at risk.

Data security is now more important than ever, since there are numerous risks associated with a data security breach, and an event like this could bring a business to its knees.

The infographic from Law in Order reveals 5 simple and actionable steps towards improving data security in your company:

  1. Security policies

Enforce complex passwords and change them on a regular basis. Tightly manage who can access what.

  1. Data protection 

Closely monitor any changes made to files. Encryption and dual-factor access authentication go a long way.

  1. Vulnerability and patch management

Do not forget to update your software frequently. Threat management tools can be used to scan your network for potential vulnerabilities. Apart from that, penetration testing should be done periodically.

  1. Invest in new technologies

The bad news is that new forms of malware are released every day. The good news, though, is that the firewall and security software development keeps adapting to new threats. Therefore, investing in new technologies is a sensible investment to make.

  1. Train your staff

Did you know that most attacks happen due to the lack of basic security knowledge of employees? Educating your staff on common online threats such as phishing and spam email is a good step in the right direction.