1 in 5 employees share email password with their co-workers

Across the US, negligent employees are still the primary cause of small business cybersecurity breaches. Let’s look at some related statistics.

There are around 4,000 cyber attacks aimed at small businesses every single day. According to Switchfast, an IT consultancy company, that number is about to increase. By surveying 600 small business leaders, here’s what they found:

– 3 out of 5 businesses that suffered a breach have a high chance of going out of business in half a year. Unlike huge corporations, they often don’t possess the manpower to handle important areas such as cybersecurity.

– 35% of employees and 51% of leaders believe that cybercriminals won’t target them. This kind of relaxed mindset often gives birth to reactive policies that aren’t enough to mitigate the damage when disaster strikes.

– 66% of SMB leaders use public Wi-Fi for work, while the same can be said for 44% of employees working at small businesses. This is risky behaviour since it opens the door to hackers launching man-in-the-middle attacks or distributing malware.

– 62% of SMB leaders access their social media accounts through a work computer, while the same can be said of only 44% of employees. Controlling what is viewed on the network should be emphasised.

– 1 in 5 SMB leaders and employees share their email password with assistants or co-workers. This is an unneeded and risky course of action, and can easily be replaced by using collaboration software, shared storage, and similar solutions.