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There’s more news coming from Microsoft. Yesterday, the company announced the updating of and enhancement of its features, all of which we’re going to be able to see in the following weeks.

Microsoft has been privately testing an updated version of the popular email client for the last six months. Now, it finally looks like end-users are going to be able to enjoy the redesigned and updated version themselves and reap its numerous features and benefits.

Briefly summarised, these would be email customisation, a better way to access add-ins, as well as being much more colourful in general. Skype integration is now natively supported, which should make it fairly easy to call and chat with people outside of Outlook.

Everything is much more neatly structured, and the Focused inbox and Conversation View are both a testament to that. There’s a heap of add-ins you can access from the official store, and the following ones are fully supported:

– Evernote

– PayPal

– Trello

– Gfycat

– Boomerang


– Microsoft Translator

– MojiLaLa

Microsoft officials claim that the Calendar beta allows you to add details and events much more quickly than what you’re probably used to. As for the contacts, they will now be easier to manage, thanks to the assignable profile cards.

If you’re curious to participate in this beta yourself, you can do so by visiting and clicking the “Try the beta” option at the top right corner of the inbox. Once the changes go live, you will be able to access them automatically.

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