New security platform for Windows 10

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Microsoft has recently unveiled a new security platform for Windows 10 designed to deal with the latest threats.

The details of the new platform were revealed on the Windows for Business website. A number of changes have been made to the current security platform, with Microsoft saying that many of these changes deal with tactics that have been used in cyberattacks and may be causing concern to companies.

Features integrated in the new Windows 10 data security platform include UEFI Secure Boot, which improves device integrity, and cryptographic processing, which can utilise a TPM to verify the security and integrity of the system by ensuring that the various features of the system have not been compromised. This can reassure those who need to use the system remotely.

The new platform is very strong on hardware-based security. VBS powers a number of different features, including Credential Guard and Device Guard, providing protection against hacking tools, data breaches and malware.

The new security platform also includes Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello, which are enterprise-grade technologies designed to provide the user with strong authentication abilities and techniques. These work in a very similar way to smartcards but offer more flexibility, providing the ability to use biometric technology such as facial recognition and fingerprint technology, with iris recognition for additional security.

Microsoft concludes: “These changes are not just defensive measures that present steeper walls for attackers to climb; they are improvements that take critical tactics off the table, in some cases entirely.”

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