A new report criticises UK government’s data security

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The National Audit office has released a report that criticises the UK government’s way of approaching the subject of data security.

According to the report, although the government has precisely 73 teams and 1600 staff members tasked with managing data security, they are operating without clear guidance. The report also mentioned that none of the interviewed departments understood the specific roles of each body.

Due to this, the Cabinet Office got a lot of bad press. According to their spokesperson, the majority of the cited breaches were rather minor in their nature. Furthermore, they conducted their own review in early 2016, which found many similarities with the NAO report.

The spokesperson said they are already working to resolve the issue. One of the first steps in the right direction would be to merge nine separate data security teams into just two.

The NAO report also mentioned a lack of security in general. According to the report, they are not encrypting their data properly, partially due to the rather high expenses of doing so. The report also touched upon the government’s problematic system of data security breach reporting.

Amyas Morse, the National Audit Office’s leading man, commented that redesigning new approaches may prove to be quite challenging. He concluded that in order to make it happen, the Cabinet Office is going to have to come up with new ways of doing so, which would need to have a clear vision in mind, one that would take all risks involved into account and allow them to make some informed decisions.

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