New privacy dashboards by Microsoft to help you become GDPR compliant

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If you have the Microsoft 365 enterprise bundle, good news! The company has decided to roll out new privacy dashboards that will help you become GDPR compliant.

The new Compliance Manager was designed to make regulatory compliance task management a breeze. As we all know, GDPR grants the users a right to ask about what data has been collected about them. Now, these data-subject requests can be handled via the manager dashboard.

Moreover, the tool suggests what actions should be taken to ensure compliance with various regulations, including:

– ISO-27001



Microsoft will start rolling out the dashboards this month and the process is expected to be finished somewhere in March. Apart from the Microsoft 365 admin centre, you’ll also be able to access them via and

There are many things you can take a look at from the Microsoft 365 security centre, including threat protection, access and identity management and security management. From there, you can have the software assess your organisation’s security score, identify any potential vulnerabilities, and so on.

Moreover, Microsoft Teams is also progressing in this regard, since it’s getting compliance tools. One of the new additions is the intelligent filters feature. Advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning make it possible to spot offensive language by analysing communication patterns. One filter allows you to monitor health, financial and medical data, while another lets admins exclude emails based on domains.

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