New features for Microsoft Office 365 consumer subscribers

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If you’re a Microsoft Office 365 Home/Premium subscriber, Microsoft is adding new features for you to enjoy. Among them are the new ad-free inbox, larger mailbox sizes, and enhanced malware and phishing protection, as well as premium customer support.

Although the rollout has already begun, it may take up to a month until everyone gets the update, Microsoft says.

The premium features include having your attachments checked for possible malware, as well as making sure that links within emails won’t take you to a phishing or malware site.

While normal users receive 15 GB of storage space, premium users will now have a comfortable 50 GB of storage space to work with.

One of the most noteworthy details regarding these new features is that users who opt to cease paying for their Microsoft Office 365 Home/Personal subscription won’t be able to retain access to the new features, which probably goes without saying.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Office 365 business subscribers don’t qualify for these recent updates.

According to Microsoft, there are currently 28 million Office 365 Home/Personal active monthly users in total. The Home subscription, suitable for up to five users, costs $100 a year, while the Personal subscription, valid for one individual only, costs $70 a year.

Interestingly enough, the Premium subscription offer for seems to be closed at the moment, even though the official Microsoft spokesperson claims that they have no plans to discontinue the standalone Premium subscription at this time.

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