New data security report from Thales Security

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Recently, Thales Security released a new report which indicates that organisations have been experiencing more data security breaches even though they are putting more money towards data security solutions.

Of respondents, 26% said they had experienced a breach last year. In the year before, the number was 21.7%, so the breach occurrence has definitely gone up a bit. Collectively, the organisations are feeling at least somewhat threatened by a potential breach, totalling 88% of respondents; 9.1% of them even admitted to being extremely vulnerable.

Thales Security attempted to explain their findings by attributing the high occurrence rate of data security breaches to companies continually investing in software that used to cut it in the past, but may have become outdated.

The fact that organisations are spending a lot of funds on network and endpoint security solutions seems to suggest the same, and they keep doing this, even though endpoint security solutions are the least effective method in terms of preventing data theft and breaches.

As for the motives on spending on data security solutions, respondents claim that their reasons are:

– Compliance (44%)

– Implementing best security practices (38%)

– Reputation (36%, down from last year’s 50%

These are the types of solutions preferred by respondents:

– Encryption (64%)

– Tokenisation (40%)

Interestingly, choosing local cloud providers rests at the bottom of the list.

Finally, these are the barriers to more aggressive adoption of data security solutions, as indicated by respondents:

– Complexity (50.4%)

– Lack of staff (36%)

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