Nanorobots now 100,000x faster than before

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Scientists have come up with a way to make nanorobots 100,000x faster than before, while still retaining all the controlling accuracy.

When it comes to IoT and the advances in technology, nanorobots are one of the most revolutionary ways to shape our future, especially when it comes to medicine. The new technique could be used for 3D printing of custom molecules, to name one example.

To put things in perspective, these units are so small that an individual machine built from them is the size of a molecule. At first, they will be used in the field of medicine, but as time goes on, we could make even greater breakthroughs in technology by assembling DNA just the way we want, thus creating custom shapes. Advances in computation and electronics are not out of the question either.

Friedrich C. Simmel, one of the researchers, noted it’s now possible to control nanorobots 100,000x faster than before.

Björn Högberg, a scientist affiliated with the Karolinska Institutet from Sweden, added that the new control technique could possibly lead to new inventions related to 3D printing of molecules, digital memory, and cargo transfer.

The futuristic dreams of doctors sending nanorobots into our bodies to scan for and eliminate cancer cells, for example, might be closer to becoming a reality than we thought. With the help of nanorobots, we could construct biosensors that would allow us to scan a human body on a molecular level. These could also be used to induce chemical reactions and bring together enzymes and molecules.

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