More investment in cloud computing for UK healthcare

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It has been revealed that there are plans for the UK healthcare sector to increase the amount of money invested in cloud computing technology over the next couple of years by 7.7%.

This means the industry would be spending more on this technology than any other IT technology. Around half of health organisations in the UK currently use cloud computing, with this figure set to rise as more consider moving data to the cloud.

The analysis of the market, which was carried out by Kable, reveals that the main reason for moving over to the cloud is to bring down the cost of IT. Other areas being considered for investment include security IT products, with more than 90% of those who took part in the survey having already invested in such products. Other IT products being used include communications technologies, security services and enterprise applications.

The majority of health organisations will be considering investing in IT systems management in addition to technology to help them with content management. The outsourcing of infrastructure for UK healthcare organisations is also high on the agenda, with cloud computing part of this. Those who have not already outsourced some of their IT infrastructure are considering doing so within two years.

Outsourcing for IT includes applications, help desk support and service desk support. Just under one-quarter (23.7%) of the respondents said they do not outsource help desk and service desk support at the present time but are considering making this change within the next two years.

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