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Data securityA survey has shown that companies are still not doing enough to protect data from the threats posed by mobile apps.

The use of mobile apps and devices continues to be a threat to data security. The Mobile Security and Risk Review has said that just 5% of companies are using software designed to detect threats, while just 8% are using an update policy on a regular basis. Missing devices have been reported by 40% of companies, and more than a quarter stated that their policies are out of date, a rise from just 20% at the end of last year.

These statistics are considered by industry experts to be both surprising and alarming. The number of mobile apps and devices being used in a business environment is on the rise, but the number of threats to mobile data security are also increasing. Experts have said that the speed at which mobile attacks occur is quickening but companies can do more to protect their data. There is concern that the lack of security demonstrates that even though solutions are available, companies have actually become complacent about mobile data security.

However, it would seem that companies in the UK are not as complacent as some other countries. In the UK, companies are found to have the lowest number of devices that are non-compliant, the lowest number of devices that have been compromised, and the lowest number of staff that remove the device management software. Experts are calling upon companies to ensure that there are security measures in place and enforced in order to protect data.

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