Mitel survey: Role of machine-to-people interactions in customer experience

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The latest survey by Mitel examined the role of machine-to-people interactions in transforming customer experience. This survey included more than 2500 American, English, and Australian IT decision-makers in various industries, such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality

The results indicated that:

  • A total of 85 per cent of respondents believe that machine-to-people interactions will positively transform customer experience.
  • Around 40 per cent of those questioned expect improved customer experience to lead to a greater revenue.
  • Around 75 per cent plan to allow machines to interact with people in two years or less.
  • Around 70 per cent see machines directly contacting staff in the future, taking care of information routing, and even contacting customers directly when a certain condition is met. This should have a positive impact on issue resolution. Businesses who are looking to take advantage of technology to improve customer experience should use modern technologies such as IoT, chatbots, and omni-channel communications.
  • Over 95 per cent feel that accelerating workflows will play a substantial role in improving customer experience. Those from the finance, manufacturing, and retail industries marked task completion speed as highly important.
  • A total of 72 per cent of respondents claim that digital transformation initiatives have significantly helped when it comes to improving customer experience. The primary obstacle was determined to be IT and business misalignment, while legacy systems and infrastructure were a secondary factor, indicating that businesses need to modernise more in general.
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