Mitel provides hosting solution for London’s City University

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It has been revealed that City University London has opted for a Mitel virtual communications platform for its new telephone system.

The previous system had been in place for 24 years; now, the cloud is hosting both the telephone system and contact centre for the university. The university has more than 2,000 members of staff and 19,000 students over more than 20 different sites. With more than 5,000 support calls each day, a quality communication system is essential.

One of the main factors for the upgrade was the impending end of supplier support for the older system. It was also important to make sure that there was no point in the system where a failure could occur; at the same time, it was important to reduce the amount of hardware needed for the system. By choosing a new Mitel system, the university was effectively upgrading rather than replacing the older system and gaining plenty of integration potential.

The core network has now been upgraded to include four virtualised MX-One platforms from Mitel. These will be hosted within the university’s own data centre and there will be an additional platform in place in another location to support the system in case of any downtime. The virtually-hosted telephony system was considered to be the right approach for the organisation because the handsets themselves did not need to be replaced, thereby saving a great deal of money. It is hoped in that the university can move over completely to IP phones the future.

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