Mitel Mobile solutions chosen by North American Tier 1 carriers

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depositphotos_34829843_m-2015Mitel, a widely-known provider of mobile and cloud computing solutions, has confirmed that North American Tier 1 wireless operators have chosen the company to supply them with their solutions.

BG Kumar, President of Mitel’s mobile division, commented that meeting their customers’ needs is the likely reason why the major carriers decided to go with them instead of the competition.

Diane Myers, senior research director, added that the operators are looking for the ability to quickly scale the services up or down. According to her, this is a very important factor in the equation. Mitel has the IP messaging solutions in place which offer the operators a migration path for the core area, all while allowing them to stay competitive at the same time.

Mitel has managed to achieve numerous important milestones over the years. Among these are:

– First RCS deployment in North America.

– First IMS implementation that is based on NFV.

– First deployment of IMS VoWiFi.

– First deployment of VoLTE.

Among other things, Mitel has a complete end to end virtualised portfolio of voice and video, as well as several mobile solutions that allow for seamless messaging. Their mobile solutions are considered to be market-leading, and are based on the mOne software that has managed to win numerous awards.

Mitel enables the 2G, 3G, and LTE operators to offer quality services and route their messaging channels over an IP network. The company is mostly known for its NFV-based converged IP solutions.


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