Mitel connects with German partners to better serve enterprises

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Mitel, a global leader in enterprise communications, is now working with 11 additional certified partners in Germany. The aim of the new partnerships is to deliver relevant industry solutions for medium and large enterprises.

The new partners will offer MiCollab, MiVoice Business, and MiContact Center. They will also provide seamless migration to the cloud, while aiming to make a clear path for evolving customers’ business communications.

These are some of the newly-signed partners:

– Comulus AG

– TK-technologies GmbH


– Becher

– Ostertag

– WTG communications GmbH

– the-Company

– ComNET Gesellschaft für Kommunikation & Netzwerke mbH

– Computer Stamm GmbH

Mitel Germany has recently launched a revamped onboarding strategy to further support their partners. This will decrease the amount of time needed for them to start generating revenue by completing installation projects faster.

After completing a short training course, the partners are well-equipped to carry out customer installations only a month later, while receiving support from Mitel Professional Services. To make it even easier, Mitel sends out accompanying partner technicians onsite to initial projects.

Dirk Walla, Managing Director at WTG communication GmbH, mentioned that their customers are on the lookout for a supplier who can help them evolve as their business experiences changes, but also one who can provide scalable and reliable collaboration and communication solutions.

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