Mind the new WhatsApp phishing campaign

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There is a new data security threat on the horizon, and this time, cybercriminals are after your banking info. The new phishing campaign is targeting WhatsApp users, hoping to trick them into handing over their banking details.

In the fake messages they are sending out, cybercriminals are “alerting” WhatsApp users that their subscription is ending soon, prompting them to update their payment information. Some people might not realise that WhatsApp stopped charging a subscription fee of $0.99 way back in January 2016, which is the reason why many fall prey to the trick.

Action Fraud, UK’s fraud and cybercrime centre, along with the City of London police, have already started notifying users about this latest scheme.

It goes without saying, but in the event that you receive one of these messages, you should delete it as soon as possible or simply ignore it. You are also encouraged to report it to the police. Furthermore, the sheer number of spelling mistakes it contains is a dead giveaway that the message is, in fact, fraudulent.

If you’ve been tricked, the $0.99 is not the only thing you could potentially lose. These criminals have your banking details which could be abused for making additional unauthorised purchases in your name. However, upon realising it, you should run an antivirus check on your device, notify your bank about the incident, as well as the local authorities.

In the future, you should also strive to be vigilant against similar phishing attempts, since they are becoming ever more creative. It can happen to any of us.

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