Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update now available

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As of yesterday, Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is now freely available for download. Also known as Redstone 9, the general userbase can now also access it as opposed to a dedicated group of testers who had exclusive access to it from the beginning.

You can get the new update via Windows Update or Update Assistant.

According to Microsoft officials, the hardware requirements for this particular update are the same as those for the original Creators Update released in April.

Now let’s take a quick glance at some of its most promising features:

  1. Wi-fi connection changes

You can now configure every Wi-Fi connection and determine whether it belongs to a public or private network. Technically speaking, it was possible to do this in previous versions as well, it’s just that the option was a bit difficult to locate.

  1. Task manager improvements

You can now track GPU activity on a per-application basis, and the processes are grouped much more conveniently.

  1. The Power Throttling feature

Depending on your needs, it is now possible to fine-tune your OS for either better battery life, or better performance.

  1. Cortana upgrades

Cortana now displays answers from the Start menu, meaning you won’t have to open your browser at all.

  1. Delivery Optimization

The amount of bandwidth can now be fine-tuned regarding how much is allocated to Windows Update processes.

  1. No more SMBv1 protocol

In this cybersecurity upgrade, the clean installation of Windows 10 no longer features the insecure SMBv1 protocol.

The full list of upgrades is available on Microsoft’s official website.

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