Microsoft to start selling more Azure services in March

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In March, Microsoft will be selling more Azure services and changing the way they go about it. From that point on, their customers will be encouraged to make a purchase through Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA); in other words, straight from the company.

The change will go live rather soon, despite the company being rather quiet about it.

Via the new MCA, the customers will get a new, simplified, and completely digital 11-page contract. When the existing contracts reach their renewal date, they will simply be rolled over to MCA. Microsoft promises that the services won’t be interrupted as a result of the transition; the change merely affects the billing relationship with their customers.

Microsoft decided to implement the changes due to believing that the licensing transactions will be much easier for the customers that way. As for why they’re cutting out their previous partner channel, no explanation was provided.

Their official spokesperson, however, did reveal they are introducing the changes because the way they do business has also changed over the years. They’re promising that the new payment solution will give the customers more flexibility, agility and transparency when it comes to managing their subscriptions and purchases.

Examining the MCA FAQ document reveals another hint – these changes may have a whole lot to do with digital transformation. Part of the reason may also lie in the fact that instead of looking at their clientele as customers, Microsoft is often referring to them as partners.

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