Microsoft to promote cloud usage in Australia

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Cloud hosting, serversIt has been revealed that Microsoft has identified Australia as one of its top potential markets for cloud computing.

There has already been a strong uptake of cloud computing services in the country and now Microsoft is promoting its Azure cloud system to businesses there. Julia White, the head of the company’s cloud platform, management and security technology, has said that Australia is a ‘unique market’ and that uptake of cloud computing services there has been very strong.

The head of Microsoft’s cloud services for Australia, Toby Bowers, has reported that the number of cloud architects Microsoft has in Australia could double over the next six months. Half of Microsoft’s enterprise customers in Australia are using the Azure system, with around 40% of these being SMEs. Julia White has confirmed that cloud security is one of the top priorities for Microsoft at the moment. She has stated that $1 billion has been spent each year on cloud security technology, and that one of Microsoft’s acquisitions last year was an Israel-based cloud security start-up, which it purchased for $320 million.

The New York Times has stated that Microsoft is currently second place in Australia for cloud computing, but the company is pushing to overtake its first-place rival, Amazon. Cloud computing is a growth sector for the company, even though revenues in other areas are showing a decline. In the quarter until December 2015, the growth for Azure was 140%, helping it to keep pace with rivals that are reporting billions in revenue for each quarter.

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