Microsoft is stepping out of the music streaming industry

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Microsoft has decided to remove itself from the music industry game, and have discontinued the Microsoft Groove Music Pass. Existing users will be migrated to Spotify.

These changes will not be taking place until the end of the current year. At that point, however, should users have any remaining months of paid subscription, they will be reimbursed. Starting this week, Microsoft will encourage its current user base to migrate to Spotify.

Groove Music was formerly known as Zune Music. Sometime later, it was rebranded to Xbox Music, before finally being renamed to Groove Music Pass.

Until the year is over, Microsoft will continue to release updates for the Groove Music app on all devices. Users will still be able to play and manage their music through the app, just as they normally would. However, as soon as the year 2018 begins, they will no longer be able to purchase, stream, or download music. Microsoft recommends that users ensure that they have downloaded all purchased music prior to the end of the year to ensure continued access.

Microsoft will test the migration functionality with company insiders first, before starting to offer it to the general public. According to the information published on their official blog, users will be able to migrate their content to Spotify at least until the end of January 2018.

Despite stepping out of the music streaming industry, Microsoft still operates a small number of cloud services with a focus on consumers, including Xbox Live.

Additional information regarding the discontinuation of the Groove Music Pass and app are available on Microsoft’s official website.

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