Microsoft project to deliver better connectivity globally

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Cloud in handsMicrosoft has teamed up with 12 businesses in different parts of the world to help to provide better access to internet and cloud computing.

The company suggests that more than half of the globe is offline and is hoping to reduce this figure with its latest project, named Affordable Access Initiative. The scheme will provide grants, education, and partnerships in a range of areas. Funding has been provided for 12 businesses covering 11 different countries on five different continents including India and Argentina.

All of the winners of these grants are already working within local communities and will see continued funding and support as their initiatives grow. There are also plans for further funding and different opportunities in the future as the project grows.

The company is also developing a large network of people with the aim of improving access to digital technology. A team of mentors regularly holds meetings and summits with help and support from Microsoft in order to provide best practice. Other programmes include the Safer Internet initiative, public cloud services, and educational programmes.

Microsoft also announced back in January that it is launching a Philanthropies organisation. This project will donate more than $1 billion in cloud computing services to help charities, non-profit organisations, and university research for a period of three years. The aims of this project are to improve connectivity, provide better access for those who are involved in research, and to allow non-profit companies better access to cloud computing services.

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