Microsoft predicted to overtake Google in cloud market

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The cloud computing sector is a very competitive market, with a small number of big names dominating the sector. It now appears that Google’s stronghold on the industry is set to be threatened by Microsoft.

Microsoft has proved to be very popular with larger companies that are already using products such as Office 365, while smaller companies have favoured Google and its Google for Work product − particularly if they do not have their own IT department. It was the launch of Office 365 two years ago, however, that saw the market start to shift in favour of Microsoft. Despite a lack of official figures, experts believe that the software manufacturer now has the edge over Google.

One of the advantages of Office 365 is that there is a higher degree of flexibility and support, with more options for the end user. The deployment flexibility for Google Apps for Work is not the same and it provides less support. Experts believe that as more companies move over to the cloud, they are going to find Microsoft IT easier to handle than Google.

One of the main differences is that Google is focusing on companies that are looking to move over to the cloud completely, while Microsoft has a much broader appeal. Even though Google was on the cloud computing scene much earlier than its rival, it is unable to compete in the same way.

It should be noted that Google is not taking this lying down and the company is running a number of promotions to entice customers away from Microsoft and other rivals.

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