Microsoft Office 365 apps to receive a makeover

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In the forthcoming months, Microsoft Office 365 apps will be getting a makeover. This includes the ever-popular office solutions such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

One of the changes touches upon Office Ribbon, which will be taking up less space and be collapsible from now on. If you’re an user, it’s possible you’ll be able to play around with it for a little bit not too long from now, since Microsoft is rolling out the changes to select consumer users as soon as today.

According to Jon Friedman, when using Outlook 95% of users use the same ten commands:

– Reply

– Reply all

– Forward

However, the rest of the 5% varies from person to person, so it will now be possible to remove commands from the Ribbon and pin new ones to it.

Microsoft is also adding new icons and colours to Office, and is where you’ll be able to spot the changes first. The new icons were designed to render in a more crisp and clear manner on all sorts of screens.

There are upcoming changes to how searches will be performed; the suggested people, content and documents will be powered by AI to show you the most relevant results depending on which app you’re making these searches from and where you’re located.

Finally, Microsoft is testing a “coming soon” feature in Outlook that will let advise of the upcoming changes. Currently, this only applies to Outlook for Windows, but if it goes well, other Office apps will also receive it.

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