Microsoft moves to acquire GitHub

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Microsoft has decided to move towards the acquisition of GitHub. This is a key milestone for the company. Reportedly, the deal could be closed any day now.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, has made Microsoft far more than just a company that’s all about the Microsoft Windows operating system. Apart from that, Microsoft plays a pivotal role in contributing to open source projects. When all is said and done, Microsoft is one of the top contributors on GitHub.

The acquisition of GitHub won’t be instrumental to Microsoft from a financial standpoint, even though it has subscription offerings and GitHub Enterprise, which happens to be running on Amazon Web Services. The developers are the reason for the acquisition; GitHub has 27 million developers and the platform hosts 1.8 million organisations and businesses.

In other words, the acquisition of GitHub will give Microsoft a different standing with the developers. Globally, it’s perceived as a central repository of code, which is of critical importance to the developers. If nothing goes wrong in the process, Microsoft will likely gain a favourable standing with them.

However, certain people are not fond of the acquisition and are already protesting. Since the acquisition of LinkedIn went smoothly, we’re likely to see the same scenario unfold with GitHub.

In the end, Microsoft’s rationale for the GitHub acquisition revolves around relationships. Developer relationships is where enterprise software battles are lost and won. Acquiring GitHub will allow Microsoft to cement their position as a developer touch point.

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