Microsoft leads enterprise adoption race for cloud email

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Research has revealed that Microsoft is beating its rivals in enterprise adoption race for cloud email services.

The research, which was carried out by Gartner, reveals that companies of all shapes and sizes are happy to use cloud email services, with most opting for services provided by Microsoft. Consumers have been fast to adopt cloud email; however, until recently, business users have not shown the same enthusiasm.

Microsoft solutions appear to have the edge over rival solutions, as the company is very business focussed; however, rivals are rethinking their marketing and are moving their focus to business customers. Gartner Research VP Nikos Drakos said that Microsoft has been able to gain a footing with companies in a range of industries, in a range of sizes, and in different locations around the world.

Some companies have assumed that public cloud-based email will not be suitable for their needs; however, they are being urged to rethink this assumption. Microsoft is a favourite with companies operating in an industry with strong regulation, while some of its rivals appeal to organisations where regulation does not have the same importance.

The research from Gartner reveals that Microsoft has won an 80 per cent share of the market among companies with more than $10bn (£6.95bn) in revenue that have chosen to move over to cloud email services. It is smaller companies that have turned to Microsoft’s rivals for cloud-based email.

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