Microsoft launches Azure Event Grid service

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The recently-launched Microsoft Azure Event Grid was designed to help developers build event-based and serverless apps. According to Microsoft, they won’t have to worry about provisioning, scaling, or infrastructure.

Last year marked the release of Azure Functions, a serverless service competing with AWS Lambda, and Event Grid has been designed to help you manage serverless events. Cory Sanders, Director of Azure Compute, revealed that many apps in Azure are being developed around events. These include:

– Mobile apps

– Business process initiating apps

– IoT

Through the new Event Grid, users will be able to detect certain events, like a new file being added or a new virtual machine being created. Furthermore, it will only be activated when an event occurs, which means users will only have to pay for time when the service is actually in use. Microsoft believes that this is what makes it viable for IoT scenarios.

In the beginning, Event Grid will only be available in the US. However, additional areas will be supported as time goes on. The full pricing details are available on their official website.

Currently, Azure Event Grid only supports a limited number of services for initiating an event. These include:

– Azure Functions

– Logic Apps

– Application Topics

– Azure Blob Storage

– Azure Resource Manager

– Azure Automation

– WebHook Endpoints

– Event Hubs

Later this year, Microsoft is planning to start supporting other endpoints, such as:

– IoT Hub

– Cosmos DB

– Azure Active Directory

– Service Bus Azure Data Lake Store

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