Microsoft Edge browser now available for iOS and Android

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In October, Microsoft made an announcement notifying us that Edge would soon be available for iOS and Android devices. Now, it’s official: the preview phase has come to an end and all users in the select markets will be able to access it.

One of the benefits of using Edge on a non-native device is that you can seamlessly import your browsing history, as well as your bookmarks.

Furthermore, as part of Microsoft’s “Continue on PC” feature, the users will be able to share the following types of information from their smartphones with their computers:

  • Photos
  • Apps
  • Websites
  • Other

Microsoft decided to implement this feature due to an increasing amount of work is being done on mobile devices.

For the technically-inclined, the iOS version of Edge uses Webkit (just like Apple), while the Android version uses Chromium Blink in order to render the pages (and not the EdgeHTML rendering engine).

Both the iOS and Android versions of Microsoft Edge will be available for download free of charge.

As you might have come to expect, the final version has come a long way in terms of features since the preview phase. Most notably, the roaming passwords feature, you will be able to save a password on PC and your smartphone will remember it, and have the option of using Dark Theme.

Apart from English, the new Edge will be available in a variety of languages. According to Microsoft, additional languages will be added as time goes on.

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