Microsoft calls for cloud computing funding from EU

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Microsoft has called for the EU to provide funding for cloud computing services.

Up to one-third of the EU’s annual budget is currently provided by the structural funds; now, Microsoft wants the rules surrounding the provision of funding for various projects to be changed to take into consideration the fact that the technical world has moved on. The call was made by Microsoft’s Dejan Cvetkovic at a conference in Stavanger.

Mr Cvetkovic said that governments can save money by moving over to cloud computing, as these services are rented. A lot of companies have already moved over to cloud computing and it makes sense to use rented service, as technology moves very quickly and new versions of software and hardware are being introduced all the time. The provider then takes responsibility for upgrading software and hardware, removing this responsibility from the end user.

At the present time cloud computing is categorised as an operational expense rather than a capital expense. The EU structural funds can only be used for capital expenses and the policy has not been updates to reflect changes in the digital world.

Mr Cvetkovic said that Microsoft will be working with the EU to get this policy changed to create a single digital market in Europe. He pointed out that the EU needs to move faster and used the delays on the scrapping of roaming surcharges as an example to illustrate his point.

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