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In line with what AWS is doing, Microsoft Azure support has now become much more affordable. It used to cost $300 monthly, but now, it only costs $100.

The official questions and answers page points out that in order to become eligible, customers are required to purchase the support directly from Unfortunately, for those who were wondering, Enterprise Agreement customers are not eligible for this significant price drop.

From now on, Microsoft promises to be more responsive when it comes to providing support to critical support cases marked as “severity A”. Previously, it was the norm to expect a reply in two hours, but according to the updated Microsoft Azure Standard support terms, the response time will now be shortened to an hour. The only exception to this is Microsoft Azure Germany, meaning that none of the changes apply to it, no price cuts, and the response time will stay the same.

For pre-existing Microsoft Azure Standard customers, no actions are necessary. As soon as the next billing period begins, they will receive a $200 credit per month for the remainder of their term.

To put things in perspective, the same level of AWS Business support will set you back by $100 per month. For those who would like to receive access to the next level of support, take a look at ProDirect support. However, please bear in mind this option is meant primarily for mid- to enterprise-level customers, and it costs $1,000 per month.

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